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HUMAN DYNAMIC EUROPE are a consulting company providing integrated people management solutions, catered to your company’s unique needs.
Effective organizations

Improving the performance of your organization and its employees

Happy employees

Increasing the motivation and contentment of your employees

Competent leaders

Enhancing the competencies of your leaders, teams and the organization



Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Psychological, legal and financial counseling as a benefit for employees


Work Life Coaching Program

Tailor-made coaching and counseling program for employees and their family members


Learning and Development

Inspirational lectures, seminars, workshops and trainings in the areas of psychosocial issues, leadership, wellness and financial areas


HR Consulting

Consultations in managing organizational and personnel changes, acquisitions, setting up and creating a new HR department, other HR solutions


Leadership Development

Assessments, executive and business coaching, consultations, mentoring of managers and leaders, individual or in groups


Workplace Consulting

Professional support and facilitation, career counseling, psychologist at the workplace, executive coaching at the workplace, individual or in groups


Crisis Interventions

Individual and group counseling for organizations in critical situations (traumatic events, burnout, suicide, difficult emotional situations with employees, ethical issues), hotline support 24/7


Health Days and Healthy Lifestyle

Doctor on the phone, consulting in the area of health, fitness, healthy lifestyle; workplace happy family booth, mental health booth, lunch talks, workshops


Special Projects

Change management, restructuralization, mediation, outplacement, facilitation of strategic meetings and other projects

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