1. In a sentence specific social problem for children in Bulgaria on which we want to work.

Suicide risk and its adequate prevention and effective crisis intervention before and suicide attempt.

2. Arguments that this problem is significant and needs to be resolved:

A short black statistics and let the numbers speak:

2014 .: „Bulgaria ranks first in suicides or attempted ones in Europe.“ In our country the very end of his life put 1,600 people a year, 20% of them are children. – 320 children a year!

2015. „One child per day attempted suicide in Bulgaria“ alarming trend is the reduction of the lower age limit of suicide. According to the National Center for Public Health and Analysis (NCPHA), there are cases of 5-6 year-olds who took their own lives.

2016g.- „Every day in Bulgaria are made at least eight suicide attempts.“

There remain several ominous trends. First, the sharply increasing number of suicide attempts. Second, reducing the average age of suicide a Bulgarian. Thirdly, increasing the ratio between the number of successfully realized suicides and the number of attempts at suicide. In the EU the ratio is between 1: 8 and 1:10, and at home it is already 1: 4. Is urgently needed adequate and effective prevention.

3. Our innovative solution to this problem in two sentences:

App (mobile) „Hear me, I`m Here“ for children 6 to 18 years. Having suicidal thoughts and / or want to make a suicide attempt. In essence, the app will be a simulation of psychotherapeutic meeting and will serve as crisis intervention, separately to it will have the option for online support group.

4. How does the proposed solution from us:

Emilia Sotirova:„From the beginning of his practice work mainly with young people (children) who come to psychotherapy immediately after having committed suicide attempt.“ The solution we offer is psychological counseling, psychotherapy and crisis intervention collected in an innovative reading and adapted to current technological reality. Specially developed methodology to simulate crisis intervention, which would commit a psychologist and then providing an opportunity for live consultation. The annex is intended to have a support group where they can communicate through an anonymous children who need to share how they feel. The decision is in this to provide a space in which the child has the opportunity to freely express their feelings and experiences, without guilt, without being judged.

5. The main target groups of our decision and what is the approximate number of children they cover.

The main target group of mobile application „Hear Me, I`m Here“ are children from 6 to 18 Hypothetically, the scope includes all children of this age who have a cell phone. Given the technological times we live in can be prodpolaga that every child in the school has a telephone, which means that the potential reach is – 614 222 children, which is the total number of „students by class groups and sex in mainstream schools,“ according to national Statistical Institute. Apart target groups are: – psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers and other trained individuals who can purchase specially developed methodology behind the app (it’s free) to be able to practice and help through it.

6. How the life of a child of our main target group will be directly improved as a result of our work:

We’ll tell you a personal, imaginary story of a child to demonstrate the impact of our activities:

„-Hello Maria. I’m here. I hear you. Tell me, what experience?

– Hello, recently I think only of how I want to die. I do not expect anything good from this life, nothing good and seems to be and just want to do everything anymore. I feel terrible.

-Maria so I really can not understand what is happening to you, would you tell me which is what most troubling and most makes you you feel as you describe?

-My life suddenly capsized. My mother pisses me off and once just could not stop myself and I hit her, I realized that I made a huge mistake and that it would hardly be prostena.Imam huge problems with our ..

– Mary, what that contacted me was of great importance in such a hard time for you. You want to build together your bailout?

-Yes. I need some support. I want to regain my previous life, I want to be happy again. „

7. Exactly what and how you will measure to see whether our work leads to social effect, which we expect.

Will be measured suicide attempts in children 6 to 18 years. and will be measured on several fronts. One is user towing and installing the application. The second is to track statistics on suicide attempts during and after the year in which the application is released. The third will be based on actual meetings and consultations between the child and the psychologist, which will be written protocols that will be subject to processing.Will be taken into account feedback from parents, teachers and educators.

8. What other organizations working on the same problem? What what we offer is different?

In Bulgaria the focus and understanding of the prevention of suicide risk is associated with „information.“ Lacking any form of practical and real assistance, for both children and adults. „Awareness“ can and do work on our specialists and even to some degree relatives of people with suicidal thoughts and attempts, but absolutely useless for people who suffer, who are depressed, who need to be heard, to know that they are not alone and that are significant to someone. Is not it precisely targeted prevention them? Worldwide, there are several application that resemble a purpose „Hear me, I`m Here“, ie have a practical, therapeutic focus, not only theoretical knowledge. These are: TalkLife -You’re Not Alone; Prevensuic; Suicide Safety Plan; Stay Alive HS Suicide Prevention App; Suicide Safe; None of them, however, is not specifically designed for children, what would be „Hear Me, I`m Here“.

9. How will develop our idea so that we can improve the lives of as many as possible children in the future:

The plan is not parallel with the launch of the app on the market to organize information meetings in as many schools in Bulgaria, where they can present the application to the children and to reveal this new opportunity to help yourself and feel supported. In addition, of course, it will be accompanied by an advertising campaign that aims both to children and to the specialists, teachers, parents.

10. How many children think that will cover our activities in 2021 (ie after five years)?

Thousands. This belief is based on data from the National Statistical Institute for children in schools and Internet activity report for the forum on this topic and demand.

12. necessary funding for implementation of the project „HEAR ME, I`M HERE„:

 Individual donations Corporate donations and sponsorship  Investment (loan or equity)  Other
Capital needed for the project: 37 000 leva

13. In short the main activities planned for the realization of this idea:

Develop methodology . Require the collection of a team of psychologists and elaboration of specific working specifically with the given parameter (suicidality).

– Developing a mobile application

– Razprostranienie. Markening.

1 4. When and how the idea was born that we offer today?

Emilia Sotirova: „In 2013. I read an article about a child who has attempted suicide and became interested more than what is being done towards preventing similar cases. In 2014. I devoted his master’s thesis on this topic: „Prevention of suicide risk.“ I prepared for her special questionnaire aimed at measuring:-levels of awareness.
-Adjusted relative awareness. -Adjusted prevention in children 14 to 18 years. The results were that children are adequately informed on the subject , but the subject stands as„taboo“ in their families and they have no space in which to work off their emotions.We are now 2017. and working as a psychologist I consulted often with children with suicide attempt. During one of my consultations was born the idea for the app „Hear Me, I`m Here“. „

Our target group  are NOT sick children are not abandoned children are not children of minorities. These are healthy children with life problems that bring them very great mental stress. They have the exclusive chance to grow, to grow, to learn, to achieve, to be successful, but .. no one to support them when they are in crisis when they need to be addressed. Just so our decision is aimed at them- because they have a future, because they are the future. Ominous is the prospect that more children make such attempts and at increasingly young age. What will be the statistics after five years? The problem with siutsidnite attempts to deepen with each passing year, but has not been implemented qualitatively oriented real practical use solution.

16. Project Team:

Еmiliya Sotirova – psychologist, family psychotherapist

Svetlana Sotirova – psychologist, psychotherapist.

Silvia Nikolova – accountant.

17. What steps we have taken to realize his idea:

Pasted on the methodology. – A research and consultation on the value of the idea and its topicality. -Sabran is a team of psychologists who are ready to start work on the project. -Izgotven an action plan and defines the basic aims and objectives of the project. – are defined areas where it is important to pay special attention. • Create a working logo application „Hear Me, I`m Here“.

We believe in the effectiveness of the project and that this is the way to reach children and really make something for them, not just to mark a commitment when they need assistance.

Investment / Sponsorship / Donations related to the project „HEAR ME, I`M HERE“:

IBAN: BG30BUIN95611000585912
Reason for payment: Project „HEAR ME, HERE I`M“
Contact center and psychologists:
Psychological Center SOVA (Suggest opportunity to view the answers / SOtiroVA)