FROG Family Change Game

Project Name * FROG Family Change Game

  1. Brief description of our idea:

The idea started from our desire to help as many families to change and improve their relationships. We challenged to figure out a way for this to happen in a very accessible and very innovative way. Family Therapy examines the family as a system of different parts. Changing any part of the system will trigger changes in all other parts. We came to the decision that such a change could be „embedded“ in the family through specially developed by family counselors and therapists board game to help the family:

-to communicate better.

-to improve their interaction.

-to identify and resolve conflicts.

– to help the entire family unit to function better.

– to unite the family.

-to develop new strategies of behavior.

Our idea is family to go through its metamorphosis at home, thereby overcoming defenses and mechanisms preventing the therapeutic process.

  1. Defining the problem / need:

In recent years, the experience of professionals in the helping professions and behavioral sciences shows that work with families is crucial and that a large percentage of suicide attempts, mental disorders and life crises are a result of family problems.

Specific action areas of family therapy include:

  • Family relationships and changes in family life.
  • Difficulties of parenting.
  • Mental health of children and adolescents.
  • Mental health of the elderly.
  • Behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

The families, however, for various reasons, often experience serious difficulty to go to therapy, so we as professionals can do so therapy to come into their home and thus help many families in need.

  1. What product or service offering:

Board game with a therapeutic effect – FROG Family Game Change,  accordingly, that if the family is struggling to come to therapy, we as professionals can do, so therapy to enter their home. The game is designed so that it solves one of the most common problems and crises in families and leads to positive change in the relationship between the members and at the same time retains the element of play and fun.

At this stage, it started work on design key elements and components of the game, psychotherapeutic goals and pillars. Instructions and rules for playing. Work on the logo and the name of the game.

In Bulgaria and in the world, has not yet developed a similar game-therapy.

  1. Target audience / group:

Members of this game will be all families. It will be distributed by psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, teachers, educators, speech therapists and other specialists. Will be available in schools, kindergartens, bookstores, shops for toys and board games, and more.

The attention can easily be drawn through advertising, informational meetings, conferences, seminars, training courses.

This game will be something different, something affordable and something useful.Something that you can take with you home and change everything in the game.

  1. Feasibility studies:

Research was conducted by a short survey. Asked 100 people- 1. Understand that created a board game to solve family problems.
A). You will want to find out more about the game.
B). You will immediately find it and buy it.
IN). Will not manifest any interest.

2. Do you agree that the board game could change something in your family?
A). I agree to.
B). I’m not sure.
IN). I do not agree.

3. Would you recommend this play?
A). Yes, I would.
B). I do not know
B). No, I would not. .

The survey results show that 90% of respondents would be interested if they knew that was created a similar game. 70% believe that such a board game could change something in their family. 70% would recommend this play.

  1. Our team:

Emilia Sotirova -7 years training experience. 3 years practical experience. Psychologist.Family counselor. Master – „Psychological consultation“. Training in two separate schools: cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy  and family consultation .

Svetlana Sotirova – Psiholog- 24 years experience. Magistar- „Psychology.“ Since 1993. to 02.2016g .- „laboratory VARNA“ to „Institute of Psychology“ – MIA – g.Sofiya. Psychologist, head of the group. Training in two separate schools: cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychotherapy .

Silvia Nikolova – Accounting, Bachelor „Accounting and Control“ experience in financial accounting activities-eight years.

  1. Finance:

What kind of investment we need to start? What will be our current costs in the first period? A revenue? When expect to reach the moment, revenues will exceed our cost? On what assumptions – types and number of customers, average price and so on. – is based on our financial plan?

  • 50 000 BGL. investment.
  • Guide price for making game 1pc. – 50-90lv.

Running costs – commissions, utilities, marketing.

Sample price ready for sale game – 190lv.

We assume that the first year of the launch of the game market revenue will cover the investment. Based on the number CLIENTS kindergartens, schools, offices and other psychological. In the whole country. The game will be distributed through the online store.

9. Long-term goals:

What long-term goals you set?

Looking forward our goals as a team and as a center are:

Expanding the scope of the Psychological Center SOVA

Developing base, resources and capacity of the center.


Educating staff – psychologists.

Work on projects related to psychological culture and mental health in Bulgaria.

In the future we aim to build on what we have built, the modeling work and the creation and development of what we imagine as vision and function of the center.


Investment / Sponsorship / Donations related to the project FROG Family Change Game:

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