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Training 3 in 1

Our training is 3 in 1, which is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Our programs are specially created to combine the best of three methods for working with groups: course, training, and teambuilding. This way the effect is much larger and much more prominent.

Good communication, ability to deal with a crisis, time-management and leadership are increasingly becoming more important and key for success, in the age of globalization and the communication-based world that we live in.

Leaders, of all levels, need the so-called “soft skills” and the ability to notice and develop them.
In the training we provide, we build on the basis of what we have already learned as a life experience and provide with abilities which are not learned at school, for example – how to deal with the relationships that are formed between employee and his colleagues, superiors, and clients.

The development of social understanding is an important step in the personal and professional improvement, as well as for adapting better to our ever-changing surroundings. This social competence is represented by the knowledge, abilities, attitudes and moral codes, which are essential for a person to be a successful and functioning part of society.

After training 3 in 1 we know:

 How to talk to one another.
 How to listen.
 How to communicate.
 How to cooperate.
 How to make decisions.
 How to work in a team.
 How to escape confrontation.
 How to negotiate.
 How to lead meetings.
 How to lead.
How to be better at managing resources.
 How to develop ourselves.
 Etc.

Productive team.
Effective communication.
Adequate decisions.