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Silvia Nikolova – Finance Director

Part of the SOVA team since February 2017.

A short story about her:
Accountants are boring! says everyone,
but she is an exception –
always positive and having fun!
For her 30 years of life, she’s seen a lot,
she has read, lived and understood!
For her 8 years experience at work,
she is the trusted SOVA finance Guard!
Every case she deals with ease,
– never afraid from business meetings and deals.
With her calc and pen equipped
every single penny is save- upped!
Finance questions are her specialty,
she even dares advice us in this economy!
Yes, in rhymes is odd to be presented
but this way, the words are easily remembered!
And for the “boring” rest,
scroll down to her biography text.

Bachelors in Finance, with professional experience of more than 8 years.
Correspondence – incoming and outgoing correspondence with partners and others, in relation to projects; Development of notice documents in relation to projects; Coordinating the project activities; Helping with the activity of the manager and other members of the team related to executing project activities; Organize and report team meetings related to projects; Responsible for project documentation, execution reports, dealers communication; Developing monthly reports related to projects and payroll; Helps team members managing the projects with reporting the project activities and with term-project reports.