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Monica Roydeva – Public Relations / Chief Assistant Psychologist

What have I done with my life so far:

I graduated with distinction from King’s College London, studying “Mental health studies” Masters Programme, with dissertation topic: “Biomarkers for pathological dissociation”. I finished my bachelor’s degree “Psychology with Law” (Plymouth University) with a certificate of professional experience and first class honors for the dissertation: “Empathy in punishing and retribution behaviors”.

The greatest experience, I have acquired, was when in the meantime I completed several internships – such as: at the Neuropsychiatric Unit at St. Thomas` Hospital, London; at the Wellbeing Centre for Mental Health “National Mind” Birmingham, and at the Centre for Social Support, Balchik.

My interests in the psychological sphere are varying, but mainly concerning psychosomatics, psycho diagnostics, stress effects, affective disorders, psychosis, neuropsychology. For me, the body and the mind and interconnected and any link between them deserves attention.

What have I done with myself so far:
I managed to live abroad for a while and understand that here in Bulgaria, we have all that we need. I found the balance between my academic and professional life and paying attention to other things in life (for me that would be creating).

I did not manage to find space for all my books (but I also don’t find it necessary to stop buying them). I learned to respect people’s differences and not to judge, as well as to help when it is actually needed.
And the mountains, I really love mountains.

And someday:
What I do will have an effect on people’s life.