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Maria Bratoeva – Digital Marketing Expert

I am … a seeker.
I love… animals. They are pure and unconstrained.
I believe … that everything happens with a reason and usually for our sakes.
Three things I can`t live without are…. nature, movement, diversity.
I seek… more freedom; ways to grow; harmony.
I think that the meaning of life is… to help others and to be useful.
My favorite quote is… „You see things and ask „Why?“. I dream of things, which have never been and ask “Why not?”. -G.B. Shaw

As I said, I am seeking. I seek a way to express and develop myself. I started with a bachelors in Accountancy – but it wasn’t my thing, there were too many frames, and I need diversity and more artistic sides in my life. I continued on with a Psychology bachelor’s – the connections and relationships between people and their inner worlds have always been an interest of mine. However, my life turned in such a way (or I turned my life in such way) that in 2015 I started working in the Online Marketing sphere. And that was it! It responds to all my needs, related to working on different projects and deals with artistic aspects. Also in Advertisement, there is a solid base of Psychology, as we know. This allows me to help different people and organizations, in which I believe and support, as I give them the opportunity to express themselves and make them be heard.