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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychological Consultation helps with stress, addiction, depression, anxiety, emotional instability, emotional dependency, loss/separation, insecurity, family issues, workplace issues.

Psychological consultations offer an opportunity to talk freely in a safe, secure space about important behavioral and emotional problems. A conversation, which is different, in many ways, from the social conversation.

Psychologists have the task to keep up the therapeutic framework of the meetings, which means that it carries the responsibility to discuss problems and for that to happen in an adequate depth and the feedback to have personal meaning and therapeutic effect. Psychotherapy can be in the form of an individual meeting as well as a family consultation.

How Can Psychological Consultation Be of Help?

Psychological consultation can help us learn how to control the life events in the process of our personal development, how to acquire a positive change in our experiences, behavior, social functioning etc.
Psychotherapy as a specific professional activity aims to help the client to understand better what happens in the surrounding world as well as what happens in his inner world.

Psychotherapy and Consultation Are of Vital Importance When:

– You are experiencing a difficult period when deciding life problems
– You constantly feel depressed and nothing brings you joy.
– You can`t shake off the feeling of eternal emptiness in your life.
– You live your life in a meaningless without reason and that hurts you.
– You have a constant feeling of inner troubles (guilt, shame, self- criticism, analysis)
– You are followed by a need to go back to the past and re-arrange it.
– You need to take an important decision in your life.
– You are isolated from the world and your close ones.
– You have family issues ( with your partner, children, relatives)
– You are constantly worried and tense.
– You have the feeling that you are alone in this worlds and nobody understands you.
– You are experiencing constant apathy and lack of sleep.
– You are troubled by fear and depression.
– You are experiencing loss or separation with a close person
– You feel like you haven`t accomplished what you can professionally.
– You have issues in the interpersonal communication
– You have defenses related to values, ego, moral.
– You are experiencing love disappointment, betrayal etc.

Psychological Consultation Is Helping, Also, When You Want To:

– acquire skills to solve problems, faster and better
– to know and understand better your emotions, thoughts and feelings
– to develop skills which to make you more successful in an adaptive, personal and professional plan.
– to learn to be more disciplined and creative person
– to improve your interpersonal relationships
– to expand your potential
– to improve your personal development and growth
– to achieve easier the emotional balance you seek
– to overcome painlessly deconstructive thoughts and beliefs
– to accept easier the psychological or physical illness of your relatives

Main Principles of Psychological Consultation:

1. Individual approach considering the needs of the client.
2. Attention and respect of the clients’ personality.
3. A relationship between the psychologist and the client based on trust and empathy.
4. Caring about the well-being and dignity of the clients’ personality.
5. Full confidentiality.

I Need a Psychologist!

  • Do you think that so far you cannot organize your opportunities and abilities in such a way, so you can deal with your emotional state /life crisis/problems?
  • Do you feel the presence of some obstacle or resistance on the way to overcoming those difficulties, that you cannot deal alone?
  • Do you think that your relatives cannot understand you and they can`t help you?
  • Do you think that self-help books have only a temporary effect on you or you cannot apply what you have read there?
  • How long have you been in this state / you cannot deal with the life problem? (If you have lived through constant symptoms for more than 2 weeks or you have noticed that the symptoms are returning constantly you need to seek a professional help)
  • Are your problems influencing your concentration?
  • Is the problem influencing negatively on other spheres of your life?
  • Do you feel ready to work on the specific condition/ problem, are you motivated for a change?