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Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents

The practice in our center:

Our experience with children shows that long-term and real changes and corrections in the behavior of children (or specific problem solving with the adolescents) happens when in the therapeutic process, the parents take part as well. This way the progress which happened in therapy is translated at home as well, and the functioning is improving.

Our methodology is :

  • First Meeting: – only with a parent. During this meeting, parents introduce the therapist to the problem and give the necessary information about the child`s personality, behavior, habits, hobbies etc. A declaration of Informed Agreement is completed.
  • Second Meeting: – only with a child. This meeting starts with “get-to-know” the child. During this session, the therapist is making a contact with the child and is building the right therapeutic method.
  • Third Meeting: – only with parents. Offering a family plan for work. During this meeting, the therapist gives feedback to the parents, answers questions, offers a working plan, frequency of meetings and gives a start to the therapy.

During the therapy with children we use:

– games
– drawing
– paintings
– puppet shows
– etc

Children profiling:

  • What is the potential of your child?
  • What are his abilities?
  • With what resources to deal with life, is he/she equipped?
  • Are these questions important to you? Are you excited about the future of your child?

The professionally trained psychologists at SOVA can help you with the answers. The specifically designed method of profiling children between 3- 10 years is separated in 2 parts of 60 minutes on 2 different days.