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Psychological Support

For years now, in Europe, developed companies rely on a trained psychologist to take care of the mental health of their employees, which in turn ensures their success, productivity, and quality development.

Psychological consultations are helpful with: stress, addictions, anxiety, depression, emotional unbalance, emotional dependency, brake-ups/loss, uncertainty, low self-esteem, family problems, work-related problems etc.

Main Principles of Psychological Consultation:

1. Individual approach considering the needs of the client.
2. Attention and respect of the clients’ personality.
3. The relationship between the psychologist and the client based on trust and empathy.
4. Caring about the well-being and dignity of the clients’ personality.
5. Full confidentiality.

Psychological consultations offer the opportunity to talk freely about important behavioral and emotional problems in a safe place. Psychotherapy, as a specific professional service, has a goal to help the client to understand better what is happening in both the surrounding world and the inner world of the individual.

The psychologist has the responsibility to carry out the therapeutic framework of the sessions, which means to discuss the problems in an adequate manner and in-depth, providing that the feedback and the information flow has a personal meaning and therapeutic effect.


  • Calm employees.
  • Balanced work relationships.
  • Quality change in the workplace.