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Psycho profiling. Behavioral analysis, Psychology of lies

Psycho-profiling is made only by a very well trained psychologist and is a configuration of the specific attitudes, characteristics, experiences and thinking patterns of a given person or group.

Behavior is the number of actions and lack of actions of the organisms. Human behavior is strictly determined and situational, this is why psycho profiling is only true between 50-80% of the times.

The behavioral analysis aims to exam the symptoms, which pre-determine the targeted behavior (unlocking element), to establish what serves as stimuli of the behavior and which are the factors which support it. Our task as psychologist-profilers is to understand and predict human behavior.

Psychological analysis of written, audio and video material is also a part of the methods in psychological profiling. Full psycho-profiles are built on the basis of psycho-tests, behavioral analysis and other data about the specific person or the group.

Psycho profiling is widely used in the business sphere (workforce selection, promotions, certification, competitors behavioral analysis, when deciding the compatibility of people, teams, and others, when establishing the effectiveness of employees etc.).