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Parents Stress Index – PSI-4 Certification Course

On the 14tg of April, for the first time in Varna, Psychological center SOVA and OS Bulgaria organize a certification course for PSI 4.
The PSI 4 examines the index of stress in the relationship between parent-child.

The term parent stress is understood as the combination of processes, which lead to negative psychological and physiological reactions, flowing from the attempts of the parent to deal with the parenthood.

PSI 4 focuses on 3 main sources of stress: child characteristics, parent characteristics and stressogenic of life events. PSI 4 is a widely used screening test for evaluation of the parent system and identifying the areas, which can lead to problems in the functioning of the parent/ child.

The information can be used when making a plan for therapy and establishing the priority areas for intervention or when following the intervention effect.

The methodology can be used in the work of centers, which offer medical care for children, therapy offices, pediatric consultations etc.
PSI 4 is a self -administered questionnaire and has 120 questions/

Dr. Nikolay Nikolov, Director “Scientific works” at OS Bulgaria. Author of most of the adapted tests in Bulgaria, published by OS.

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