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Personnel Selection

We secure “the right person for the right position”.

Workforce selection is a goal-directed activity, which includes acquiring a number of suitable candidates for a pre-determined vacancy at an organization, making an evaluation of their qualities and traits considering the characteristics of the vacancy and the values and strategy of the company, and making a decision about which person is best to be made an offer to.

Personnel selection is a key activity in human recourses management in each company. It is directly linked to the success of the business.

Using our solution, you will:
– reduce the expenses for hiring personnel, by minimizing the inconsistencies between the competencies and minimizing the number of people who quit early.
– reduce the candidates, which need to be interviewed and will make interviewing more focused, using the various and valid information, secured by our instruments
– increase the motivation of those, who have passed the selection with valid measured
– reduce subjectivity when making initial decisions when screening

We can save you time and effort and improve the quality of the workforce selection procedure when we offer you quality selection instruments and services.