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Online Consultations with a Psychologist

What is an online consultation with a psychologist?

The online consultation is just another variant of the standard psychological consultation – the life meeting. The client-psychologist contact is by Skype (most commonly), and it is a real-time meeting with video and sound. For a quality online consultation, you will need a good Internet connection, mic, video camera, the Skype program. We underline the need for a Video connection because, during communication, we get around 7% information from spoken words, 13 % from the tone of voice and 80% from body language and non-verbal communication. This is why, for the good psychologist, the eye contact is extremely important and useful in understanding the problems and finding the solutions.

Who are online consultations suitable for?

Online psychological consultations are suitable for people who have issued visiting the psychological centre – people from other cities, people with disabilities, mothers with little children, or generally for people with very little free time of mobility issues. This type of consultation is very suitable for people living in another country.
Advantages of the online consultations:
– Saves time, which you would spend going to and coming back from the centre.
– It is done within the comfort of your own home.
– An opportunity to consult clients from other cities.

Disadvantages of the online consultations:

Personal contact is still the best form of psychotherapy method. In a lively meeting, the psychologist gathers very useful information for analysis, not only form the conversation, but also the non-verbal communication, eye contact, mimics, body language, breathing, movements, other behavior specifics. This is why, we – the psychologist form SOVA – always recommend this method of consultation, and only in exceptional circumstance the method of online consultations.