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MMPI – 2 Practical Certification Course

On the 15th of April, in Varna, Psychological Centre SOVA will organize a practical certification course on the use of MMPI-2
MMPI-2 is the most popular and most researched personality questionnaire in the world.

MMPI-2 covers almost the whole specter of psychological and emotional disorders and is now an inseparable part of all clinical examinations.

In the adaptation the following professionals took part: Prof. Lubomir Jivkov (Chairman of the Bulgarian Psychiatric Association; Dr. Benjamin Menteshev, City Psychiatric Clinic- Sofia; Dr. Pavlina Petkova. VFU; Prof. Vanq Matanova, Head of the Institute of child development and health; chairman of the Bulgarian Clinical and Consultative psychology Association; Dr. Nikolay Nikolov; OS Bulgaria Ltd.; Hristo Kolev Psychiatric Hospital “Dr. Kisyov” – Radnevo).

The examined person needs to answer 567 statements with true or false. These can be administered by the first 730 statements (short version), but then the results are only analyzed by the standard clinical scales.
MMPI-2 is a clinical test and its main application is in the diagnostic s of different psychiatric, neurotic, organic, personal and psychosomatic problems.

Along with this, it is often used as:
– a means for a screening of psychopathology in special profession workforce selection – such as police, fireman, army, aviation etc.
– in court expertise
– in a psychological examination of prisoners
– when examining the therapeutic effects.

Dr. Nikolay Nikolov, Director “Scientific works” at OS Bulgaria. Author of most of the adapted tests in Bulgaria, published by OS.

One-day. practical – price: 180BGN (Certificate of practical training)

For who:
Psychologist, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists.

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