Welcome to SOVA- Your psychologist in Varna!

  At Psychological Centre SOVA you can receive help from the best trained professional psychotherapist and psychologists in Varna. They are highly trained to work with individuals, as well as with family problems, groups of people and organizational cases. The range of the center’s work includes working with organizations, which wish to improve their workplace and the productivity of their employees. We, also, carry out manpower selection for those organizations. Along with their professional work, the staff at the center are authoring a series of psychological articles. For contact : Psychological Centre SOVA.

Centre for Psychology and Psychotherapy SOVA

Are you looking for a well-trained psychologist in Varna? Turn to SOVA. Psychological center SOVA was found in 2015 and so far has 3 consultation offices – 2 for individual and family consultations and 1 for training and support groups, with the capacity of about 15 people. SOVA is the first of its kind center for psychology and psychotherapy in Varna, which works in all spheres of psychology:

✔Individual consultation with a psychologist

Individual consultations give the opportunity to the client to speak freely about his experiences and troubles in a safe and confidential place. Often these problems cover panic attacks, depression, stress, low self-esteem, family issues and work issues.

✔ Support Groups

Support groups are a powerful means to personal growth and change. With this work method, a small group of participants meets under the guidance of a psychologist, in order to help themselves and the others. The meet-ups are carried out in a safe space, with guaranteed confidentiality and shared information.

✔ Family Therapist- Varna

Family consultations serve for a better communication and interactions within a family. It is about solving family problems. Family therapy is oriented towards helping family crisis, intimate problems, jealousy, cheating, parent-child conflicts etc.

✔ Child Therapist – Varna

Our experience with children shows that long-term change and good results in the child’s attitude happens when the parents are also involved in the therapy process. Consultations with the parents are directly affecting the child itself. Work with children includes role-play methods, puppet shows, drawing etc.

✔ Online consultations with a psychologist.

Psychological CENTRE SOVA also offers online consultation. This way, regardless of where you are you can always turn to a good psychologist. We recommend online consultations when this is truly needed- if you live in another city or country or when there is another reason because of which you can’t come to a live consultation.

✔ Organization services

Apart from individual psychological consultations, we offer those to larger organizations. These include psychological support, teambuilding, manager training, optimization of the workplace.


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