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FROG Family Change Game

1.Short description of the main idea:
Our idea started from our wish to help as many families as possible to change their ways of interaction and to make better their relationships. We challenged ourselves to think of a way this to happen in an innovative and very accessible way. Family therapy looks at the family as a system with different parts. Change in any part of the system will change the whole system. We concluded that such change could be “induced” in a family through a board game, developed by family consultants, which to help the family:
– to communicate better
– to improve their interaction ways
– to identify and resolve conflicts
– to help the whole family unit to function better
– to get the family together and make them closer
– to build new behavioral models

Our idea is the family to go through its metamorphosis in a family environment and this way to break down defense mechanisms and walls which to stop the therapeutic process.

2. Defining the problem / need:
Lately, the experience of a specialist in this field shows that work with families is extremely important and a huge amount of suicide attempts and mental health illnesses and life problems result from family problems.
Specific areas of work in family therapy include:

  • Family relationships and changes in family life
  • Problem with parenthood
  • Psychological health of children and adolescents
  • Psychological health of adults
  • Behavioral problems with children and adults
  • Families, however, because of different reasons have issues going to therapy, so we as specialists can bring therapy to their homes and this way to help many families in need.


3. What product / service are we offering:
Board game with therapeutic effect FROG Family Change Game, considering that families sometimes have issues going to therapy, so we as specialists can bring therapy to their homes and this way to help many families in need. The game is developed to resolve some of the most common family issues, as it brings positive change, while at the same time it keeps the element of fun.
At this stage, work has started on the design, key elements and components of the game and psychotherapeutic goals, instructions, and game rules. The name and the logo of the game are in progress also.
In Bulgaria and worldwide, there is still no such therapy game.

4. Target group:
Consumers of this game are all families. It will be distributed by psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, teachers, pedagogues etc. It will be offered at schools, kindergartens, toy shops, bookshops etc.
Attention to the game can be brought through marketing, informational meetings, conferences, seminars, training, and others.
The game is something different, approachable, easily accessible and very useful. Something, which you can take with yourself at home and change everything through the game.

5. Pre-project research:
The research was made through a short questionnaire. A hundred people were enquired:
1. You learn that there is now a game, available, which solves family issues.
A) You would like to know more about it.
B) You will instantly find it and buy it.
C) You will have no interest in the game.
2. You agree that a board game could change something in your family?
A) Yes, I agree.
B) I am not sure
C) No, I don`t agree
3. Would you recommend such a game?
A) Yes, I would.
B) I don`t know.
C) No, I would not.

Results show that 90% of the people would pay attention to such a game if they know that there is such a project. 70% think that such a game would change something in their family. 70% would recommend the game.

6. Our team:
Emilia Sotirova – 7 years of learning experiences. 3 Years of practical experience. Psychologist, family consultant, Masters: “Psychological consultation”. Training in two psychological schools: CBT and Family therapy.
Svetlana Sotirova – Psychologist, 24 years of experience. Masters: “Psychology”. Since 1993 until 2016 – “Psycho lab Varna” with the Institute of Psychology – MIA Sofia. Psychologist – Supervisor. Trained in two schools – CBT and Positive Psychotherapy.
Silvia Nikolova – Accountant, Bachelors “Accountancy and Control”, experience in Finance and Accountancy – 8 years.

7. Finance:
What investment do we need, to get started? What will our expenses be for the first period? What about incomes? When do we expect for the income to exceed the expenses? What is considered in our financial plan?

  • 50 000BGN. investment.
  • Crafts of 1 game – around 50-90 BGN.
  • Expenses – commissions, travel expenses, marketing.
  • Price of a developed game – 190 BGN.

We think that within the 1st year of launching the game, the income will cover the investment, based on the number of clients, kindergartens, schools, psychological cabinets in the whole country. Additionally, the game can be distributed through an online shop.

Long-term goals
In the long run, our goals as a centre and as a team are:

  • Broadening the activities in psychological centre SOVA.
  • Improving the workplace, resources, and capacity of the centre.
  • Employing more staff.
  • Training of employees – psychologists.
  • Work on projects related to the psychological culture and mental health in Bulgaria.

In the future, we strive to build upon what we have already achieved and perfect the methodologies of work. We work on creating and progressing what we invasion to be the best function of the centre.