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Family Therapy and Family Consultation

Lately, the experience of people and professionals working in the health and behavioral sphere shows that work with families is of extreme importance.

The role of the family consultant is to give a new perspective on the relationships and behaviors in every member of a family. “Being stuck” and “going around and around in circles” can be changed with the help of the family therapy. The family is the most important thing in our lives. Often, however, there can be difficult situations and problems with which we cannot deal with ourselves. Sometimes these are so complicated that they prevail on us and our family breaks apart, relationships are broken and that brings us pain and suffering.

Family Consultations

Family consultation is a specific method of work, created to improve the relationships and resolve conflicts in a family. This method is oriented towards:
– An absence of shared understanding
– Conflicts, disappointment
– Disharmony in the spouse relationship
-Conflicts with parents and other family members
– Conflicts with children
– Divorce and separation
– A breaking of relationships in the family
– Second marriage

The specific focus of psychological consultation of families and couples is to help every person in a family system when there is a turmoil in the family basis and sphere.

Reasons to Seek Family Consultation

When there is a conflict between the family members of different age groups, there can be many reasons. One of the most common ones is anxiety around the growth of children. Between the children themselves, there can also be a conflict, such as painful jealousy. When children run away from home of there are school problems, the conflict between child-parent is inevitable. Many parents seek our help to deal with a troubled teenager. Aggressive behavior between family members is also a reason to seek our help. Communication problems between parents and children from a different age can be both confusing and frustrating for both sides. Here comes the experienced therapist, which helps both sides to improve their communication and to see things from a different perspective.

The Methodology Used in Psychological Centre SOVA

– Systemic and Structure Therapy
We are the centre in Varna, which has the right to work with this method. The training which is passed before a therapist can use the method is more than 3 years at Institute “Bernhard Ahtenberg”.