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Emilia Sotirova – Psychologist / Psychotherapist – Biography

Basic Information: Family consultant and psychologist/ psychotherapist – Varna.

Emilia Sotirova works with the following methodologies:

  • Cognitive- Behavioural Psychotherapy – affiliated with the Bulgarian Association of Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy, along with Prof. Pavlina Petkova, Head of the Credential Committee of BACPP.
  • Positive Psychotherapy – affiliated with the Positive Psychology Institute, with Dr. Arno Remers, a board member of the Positive Psychotherapy World Association, former president of the Positive Psychotherapy German Organization.
  • Psychodrama (started in 2017) – affiliated with the Institute of Psychodrama, Individual and Group Psychotherapy “Bernard Ahtenberg”, with Georgi Antonov – founder and co-head of the Institute of Psychodrama Individual and Group Psychotherapy “Bernard Ahtenberg”, member of the European Psychodrama Training Federation, chairman of the Bulgarian Psychotherapy Association.
  • Knowledge also in the school of Gestalt Psychotherapy – “Philosophy and Practice”, ” Gestalt with art techniques and dreams”. Thematic seminars with the Institute of Psychodrama, Individual and Group Psychotherapy “Bernard Ahtenberg”.

tel. 0888717143

Academic resume:

  • 2010-2013 – Bachelor’s degree “Psychology” – program accredited by the NEAA with a rating of 10, the highest possible. (* by a personal decision she combines 2 academic years and, manages to finish her education a year earlier).
    Her dissertation topic is Research on the cognitive deficits in adults with Alzheimer and their influence on the general personality functioning. She is awarded a First Class Honours degree and certificate.
  • 2013-2014: Masters degree ” Psychological Consultation” – accredited program by NEAA. Work experience and internship at the 1st Psychiatric clinic “St. Marina”- at the psychiatric liaison unit. Her dissertation topic is Prevention of the suicide risk.

Additional training:

  • 2014- Practical training at the Main department “Crime punishment Execution” – Certificate.
  • 2013- Practical training at the “International Association of those injured by accidents”. – Certificate.

Courses, training, seminars:

  • 2016-Conference “Invite to meet..roads” with the Psychodrama Institute.
  • 2015 – “Gestalt Therapy with art techniques and dreams.” – Certificate + “Gestalt therapy – philosophy and practice”.
  • 2014: -Master Class “Basic PSYWAR Course”, certificate.
  • 2013.- Training – ” Children crisis – how to expect and understand them”. – Certificate.
    • -Master Class “Psycho diagnostics of personality disorders Five Factor Model, MMPI-2, SWAP-200 and PDM”, certificate.
    • Master Class ” Methodology working with prophylactic programmes in the health sphere”.
    • Workshop “Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for PTSD”, certificate.
    • Workshop “Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy with couples and families”, certificate.
    • Seminar „Emotional Intelligence” – Certificate.
    • Seminar “Work with children and adolescents from minority groups”. – Certificate.

1. Organizing and leading a training on the topic of: “Aggression amongst the adolescents.” – 2013 – target group – students (15-25 years old).
2. Organizing, planning and conducting research and giving a lecture on the topic: “Prevention of the suicide risk”, 2014, target group – students (15-25 years old).
3. Organizing, planning and conducting research and giving a lecture on the topic: “Influence of music on concentration.” 2014г., age 30-50г., target group – Firemen.

Main working interests and specializations:

-Individual and group psychotherapy and existential problems, couple conflicts, psycho diagnostics, neurosis, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, parent schooling, psychosomatics, etc. Analytical psychotherapy, CBT, psychodrama, and art-therapy.
-Workforce selection, training, workshops.
– Organizational consultations
– Psycho diagnostics and career orientation.

Ability to work with: stress, addictions, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, emotional instability, emotional dependency, loss, grief, low self-esteem, family and work problems.

Professional progress:

  • Since 2015- Chairman of club “Applied Psychology- Varna”.
  • Since 2015 December -Stick ЕООД-Psychologist.
  • Since 2016- SOVA Psychological Centre – psychologist, psychotherapist, family therapist

Membership: • „Bulgarian Cognitive Psychology Association.”