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Developmental Profile 3

Developmental Profile 3

DP 3 is an OS Bulgaria test, recommended for use by the Incorporated Education Regulation № 232 20th October 2017 г.:
DP-3 – Rating scale for examination of child development aged 0 – 12 years and 11 months. It can be administered as a structured interview with a parent or as a questionnaire which is completed by the parent.

Developmental Profile 3 gives the opportunity to create a whole personality profile for the child and his development in all areas:
– Physical development
– Adaptive abilities
-Social and emotional development
– Cognitive development
– Communication

Screening methods allow for the identification of the strong traits of the child as well as undeveloped abilities, slowing in the development and needs or referrals to other specialists.

The DP 3 is created in association with the American standard IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and is used for screening examinations of the children`s needs for special education.

Developmental Profile 3 is a good help in the work of child-adolescent psychologist, school psychologists, pedagogues etc. It is applied in the practice of speech therapists, resource teachers, social workers, educators, child pedagogues and everyone else working with small children. All these professionals can go through this course and use the DP 3 as a valuable help.

Sevdji Eiubova; clinical psychologist –

Practical training DP-3:
1. Certification training DP-3 (without tests set): 360 BGN.
2. Certification training DP-3 for young specialists – 27 years incl. (without tests set): 252 BGN.
3. Certification training DP-3 with tests set: 180 BGN. – Hestia Foundation + 429 BGN.= 609 BGN.
* Young specialists, who wish to buy tests set DP 3 use option 3. They need to be of age below 27 years including.

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