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Career Orientation

Career Orientation is a movement which was created as a solution to a huge problem at the beginning of the 20th Century. After that, the movement “career consultation” started to be actively developed, and nowadays it is an important part of the academic and practical life.

According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), career consultation is “guidance of individuals, in the process of career planning and making decisions through receiving the help of the career consultant, related to the choice of education or profession.

Consultations as a guide:

Or- how can a person understand what is that he is seeking according to his own interests. In response to the growing need of clarification of the career path, consultations emerge. Consultation means the process, in the framework of which the specialist (career consultant) offers help for the methodical problems of another person (the client), who receives this help, so he or she can make a decision about his life. The basis of this decision is made after the work between client – consultant and after establishing things like motivation, abilities etc which are a requirement for success in a specific sphere. Career consultation is an intrapersonal dynamic process, which aims not to teach but to help in building a successful behavior, plan for action and optimal use of the strong traits of everyone. The idea is for the client to receive adequate information about a specific career and what do employees look for, as well as to improve his own understanding and attitudes.

Or otherwise said: Cooperation with career consultant can support you in the process of choosing the right position for you, as it helps to identify your opportunities and needs and gives you valued advice about the work market.

Help in different directions:

The consultant does not teach, he helps! The career consultant adopts the role of an advisor, whose focus is on helping with career development, by creating an individual plan for action, including interviewing techniques, stress management, using your potential etc. The specific work of the consultant is in consideration of the specific client.

The services for the career consultant can be different and they can include one or more of the following:
– establishing professional space, which the participants want to be a part of in the future
– identifying the abilities, which would be most valuable in such professional space
– identifying the companies which would be of interest for a future career path
– research of these companies and those industries, of key factors, and how would the specific business grow in the following years
– guidance for activating a network of contacts
– guidance for how people to approach companies and how to present themselves
– guidance in attending an interview

Side effects from individual career consultation:

– You learn more about yourselves – What are your strong traits, areas of development, individual characteristics, values, needs and dreams.
– You learn more about your inner guiding powers – the ones (often hidden), which determinate our choices, the things we like, the things we strive for and which interest us.
– You acquire new knowledge and skills about how you make decisions
– You practice the ability to communicate and understand better yourself and to be confident and calm in your communication with more authoritarian people.

The Bulgarian skepticism

In Bulgaria, the service career consultation is still in infancy given the high rates of unemployment in the country. People are still skeptical about the applications of this kind of consultations because it is difficult to measure the results from them. However, many people are now ready to go beyond their own judgmental attitudes and to focus their powers toward their own progress and self-development. Some people can visualize long forgotten dreams about the future, which they have postponed with years because of this or that.

A job which does not bring a sense of fulfillment, and is just an engagement is very destructive for the psyche and the body and it does not bring the needed pleasure and balance. This is why, through career consultation person can understand what and how to seek, according to his own needs and interests, abilities and dreams, while at the same time to respond to the requirements of the companies. After all, if we can`t change the market and the situation, we can change our own attitudes and behaviors, so we can achieve the desired results- the choice is ours.